Referral Program FAQ

    Setting Up a Referrer Account
  1. How do I become a Referrer?
    A: You can register online to become a Channel 8 Referrer. Please follow the link below to register now:
    > Register to be our Referrer now
  2. Is it free of charge to become a Referrer?
    A: Yes. Absolutely free of charge.
  3. Must I use my full name as shown on passport or identity card for registration?
    A: Yes, please enter your name exactly as it appears on yourpassport or identity card. We have to comply with ther equirements of Anti-Money Laundering due to potential payment of referral incentives or tax filing in the future.
  4. What should I do if I have problems with account login?
    A: Please pay attention to upper or lower case of alphabets and do not type any space when entering your login ID or password.If the problem persists, please contact our Customer Service Hotline at 2158 2100 or email us at for assistance.
  5. What should I do if I have forgotten or lost my login ID or password?
    A: Simply click the Forgot Password button at the bottom of the login page and follow the instructions to reset your account.
  6. Can I change my login ID or password?
    A: Your login ID cannot be changed once you have registered, but you may change your login password anytime.
  7. How do I update my personal information?
    A: You may use your online referrer account to change your contact information any time, or contact us to change other personal information.

  8. Referring a Client
  9. How do I refer a potential client to Channel 8?
    A: Once you have successfully opened a Referrer Account withus, you may start to refer a potential client. You may submitthe contact details of your referral to us through your onlineReferral Account, by fax, or by email. Please be reminded that you must obtain the consent of your referrals before providing their information to us in order to comply with the requirements under the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance.
  10. Can I refer myself as a client?
    A: We do not accept self-referral, but you may refer your spouse or other family members.
  11. Who can I refer?
    A: Basically, you may refer any of your acquaintances except yourself, including your family, relatives and friends, provided that you have obtained their consent to being referred to us.
  12. Do I need to tell my referrals that they are being referred?
    A: Yes, because you must obtain the consent of your referrals for providing their personal information to us.
  13. Can I use the information obtained from a telephone directory formy referrals?
    A: No, we will not accept these referrals if such persons from the directory do not know you in person or have not given you the consent to being referred.
  14. Can I refer any clients to you without a Referrer Account?
    A: Yes. Once you start to refer clients to us, we will automatically set up a Referrer Account for you even if you have not completed our online registration procedures.
  15. What would happen if the person I refer is an existing client ofChannel 8?
    A: We will not accept such referral if the person being referred is (i)our existing client as of the date the referral is submitted; or (ii)with whom our consultant has been negotiating to provide services within the last six months before the date of the referral.

  16. Referral Incentives
  17. How do I earn referral incentive?
    A: If any of your referrals purchase a new insurance policy or joinsa MPF scheme through us within 12 months after being referred,and which enables us to receive commission from such business transaction, you will earn the referral incentive.
  18. How much can I earn from each successful referral?
    A: The incentive amount you can earn from each case will vary across different products. For example:                                                                                                         
      Annual Premium ($) Referral Incentive ($)
    15-year Regular Savings Plan 50,000 approx. 9,000 - 11,250
    20-year Critical Illness Protection 30,000 approx. 5,700 - 6,300
    High-end Medical Plan 15,000 approx. 1,650
    MPF Employer Plan 
    (First year contribution)
    200,000 approx. 2,500
                            The figures above are for Individual Referrer’s reference only. Details of incentive calculation for each product will be found in Referrer’s online Account.
  19. How do I gain access to the information relating to the products my referral has purchased?
    A: You may obtain authorization from your referrals for access to the information of their purchases. In order to protect the privacy of clients, we cannot disclose to you details about their transactions without clients’ authorization. However, we will keep you informed if you have earned referral incentive from a referral and the amount of incentive of each successful case.
  20. How do I know how many of my referrals have become your clients, and how much referral incentive I have earned?
    A: You may review the number of successful cases and the amount of referral incentives you have earned through your online Referrer Account.
  21. Is there a cap on the maximum referral income I can earn?
    A: Absolutely not! The more you refer, the more you can possibly earn.
  22. When and how will I receive my referral incentive?
    A: Depending on the monthly cut-off date, we will release the referral incentive at the end of the current month or before the end of the next month after we have received our entitled commission and after the expiry of cooling off period of the client’s insurance policy. We will pay your referral incentive by direct bank transfer.
  23. I have referred clients to you before this Client Referral Program is launched. Will I get referral bonus now if these clients sign up new business with you?
    A: No referral incentives will be paid for new business of existing Channel 8 Clients.
  24. Is my referral income subject to tax?
    A: Referral income is part of your own personal income and should be subject to tax as your other income. You will retainthe responsibility of filing your own income or profits tax. You should consult your accountant if you have any doubts.


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