Financial planners often say "hope for the best and plan for the worst". It means that a thorough financial plan would not be complete without planning ahead for unforeseen obstacles that may hinder the achievement of goals. Risk management is the process of identification and analysis of the possibilities of incurring financial losses, and the selection and implementation of effective treatments for such risk exposures. In general, the objective of risk management is to protect yourself, your loved ones and your business against any potential losses.


  • Protection for Family Needs. 
    Sudden death, sickness or accidents can bring financial disaster to a family. For instance, medical bills may be huge due to extended hospitalization and family income may be reduced substantially due to death of a major bread-earner. Even in cases when the deceased had left a sizable estate, short-term cash flow problem may still arise due to probate or lengthy liquidation process of assets. Insurance cannot prevent tragedies from happening, but it is the fastest way for the designated beneficiaries to receive cash. Insurance help pay for medical expenses and funeral expenses, and restore the living standard of you and/or your family.

  • Protection for Business Needs
    A senior partner in a CPA firm, a CEO of a corporation, or a founder of a family business could all be considered as a "key man" in the business entity, of whom the presence is crucial to the financial stability of the company. For protection purpose, a company may purchase a life policy on the key personnel and become the beneficiary of the policy. In case the key man passes away, the proceeds from the death claim will be used for buying back shares of the deceased and for indemnifying other potential losses.

Insurance is a common tool used to transfer the financial risk of an individual or a business entity to the insurer. Channel 8 represents many major insurers for a wide range of insurance products, including:

  • Term life

  • Whole life

  • Universal life

  • Endowment

  • Critical illness

  • Investment-linked plans

In order to help you choose the most cost-effective insurance plan that suits your needs, we will perform a thorough analysis on your risk exposure before making any product recommendations.

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