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Over the years, Channel 8 has been developing various channels to explore businessopportunities. Strategic partnership is one of the effective channels to build a profitablebusiness relationship. Our senior management, with its professional expertise and well-establishedclient network, has established its reputation in the financial industry formore than 20 years. Once you register with our Client Referral Program and becomeour strategic partner, not only will you be expanding your business scope, you will alsobe offering your clients an opportunity to enjoy our comprehensive professional services.

Effective Utilization of Resources to Improve Income
Nowadays, a huge client base is often the most valuable resources of a businessorganization. Effective use of such client base for cross-selling can help a companygenerate more income by creating additional source of income. Multiple income sourcesimply that the overall income stability can be improved and the risks due to obsoletedproducts or market changes can be reduced.

Expand Service Range to Enhance Customer Loyalty
We will provide for your referred clients a comprehensive financial needs analysis and atailor-made financial plan in an objective and professional manner. Since financialplanning is an important part of long-term life planning, we can help you establish long-termand solid client relationship. Realizing that we both care about their long-terminterests, clients will become more loyal to us.

Special Offer to Partner Referrer as Employee Benefits
For our institutional referrers and their employees, we will try to get the best offer fromour product providers for any financial services they need, such as MPF, group medicaland personal insurance, etc. On the other hand, employers may treat the referralincentives earned from referring employees as additional resources to provide morefringe benefits in order to increase employee loyalty.

Joint-Promotion Activities to Create Synergies
From time to time, we will organize seminars or other client events with our strategicpartners. These client events aim to strengthen our relationships with clients byproviding them with more update information related to various topics such as health,education and investment. Since both of us will invite our clients to participate in theseactivities, synergies can be created by cost-sharing and cross-selling. In addition, we may also allow you to promote your products in our website if we believe theseproducts are suitable for our clients.

Advanced Online System to Track Referral Efficiency
We provide for our referral partners an advanced online referral management platformthat enables submission of referral information, tracking successful cases, and viewingcommission statements, etc. This platform helps us to communicate in a moreconvenient and efficient manner.

Are you interested in this "win-win-win” cooperation scheme? Please contact usimmediately to learn more about our "Client Referral Program" and the business termsin details:

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