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Channel 8 has been providing professional financial services to clients over the years.Through our elite team of experienced financial advisors, we have helped many clientsrealize their dreams in various stages of life. Since financial planning is an evitable partof long-term life planning, we believe your friends and families can also make good useof our service to achieve their financial objectives. Our "Client Referral Program” notonly allows you to show your care about your loved ones, but also gives you anopportunity to earn extra money.

Once you have successfully registered as our referrer, you will receive an online accountand will be eligible for our Client Referral Incentive. You will have a chance to enjoyattractive referral incentives by referring your friends and families to us. We willprovide for your loved ones comprehensive financial needs analysis and tailor-madefinancial plans in an objective and professional manner.

Managing your referrals is simple and easy. Through your online referrer account, youmay submit referral information, track successful cases, and view your incentivestatements, etc.

Show you care and earn more! Join our Client Referral Program now!

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